Clínica Dental Noray Internacional - Craniofacial pain and oral cancer screening

Craniofacial pain and oral cancer screening

Headache & Stress Therapy

Are your teeth badly worn? Do you break or crack teeth?
Do you suffer from headaches? Do you have muscle pain in your face? Do you have neck and shoulder pain?
Welcome to the world of the bruxist!
Simply ask yourself several times during the day, what are my teeth doing now?
If you catch yourself with your teeth together, you have been clenching or grinding!
The teeth should NEVER be together except momentarily during chewing.
Here is another piece of free advice. STOP IT!
Sometimes it is enough to know you are doing it and to keep monitoring it yourself. Occasionally, a simple device, covering the upper front teeth only, might be required for night wear to alleviate symptoms.


I am convinced we all do this while concentrating or under stress (eg living!) but early identification of the problem can prevent a lot of trouble.

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