dental implants in Los Alcázares

dental implants

At Noray Dental Clinic we are specialists in all kind of dental prosthesis and implants.


Did you know that your smile can say as much about you as your clothing and body language? Whether in a business situation or socializing privately, your teeth make a vital impression on all the people you come into contact with!


From closing front tooth spacing with simple but highly effective adhesive fillings (no drilling!) to a complete smile makeover involving combined procedures like implants, crowns, veneers or even orthodontics, cosmetic solutions can be found for almost anyone.


Whilst you may be unhappy with only one misaligned tooth or a small gap, do not underestimate the possibilities of creating a harmonious whole.


At our dental office you will find a wide range of treatments that help you laugh more confident. Since removable appliances in acrylic or chrome cobalt to fixed prosthesis in metal-porcelain or only porcelain.

Visit us, we will show the different alternatives and the various procedures that we have available.